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HIV: Same-Day Test And Treat

Mobile Health Clinics has developed a mobile laboratory and clinic solution that enables HIV testing services and ARV treatment initiation – all within two hours of a positive HIV test reading.

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Mobile Schools Health

The sister company of Mobile Health Clinics, Mobile Schools Health, delivers preventative healthcare services to under-resourced primary schools across South Africa. Healthcare services focus on optometry, primary healthcare and oral healthcare.

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Mobile Maternal Health

Mobile Health Clinics has developed a solution with pre- and post-natal services for soon-to-be and new mothers. Key features include private examination rooms, incubators, delivery facilities and ultrasound.

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Mobile Male Circumcision

A mobile surgical facility that includes three operating theatres as well as administrative, storage and prep space for practitioners. This solution gives patients the opportunity to voluntarily and safely receive a highly beneficial procedure.

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Corporate Wellness

Hoping to make basic healthcare screenings and treatments accessible at workplaces around the country? Work with Mobile Health Clinics to develop a solution that prioritises the services you’re most interested in offering employees across industries.

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