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How we intend to impact the world with our mobile healthcare solutions


Everyone has the right to basic, quality healthcare and we have developed various mobile healthcare solutions to deliver these services, including mobile HIV testing and treatment centres, mobile mammography unitsmobile circumcision clinics, and mobile maternity clinics. We want to have a real impact on the world by providing essential healthcare services to improve under-serviced communities’ quality of life.

We believe the future of creating sustainable change lies in establishing strong public-private partnerships in order to unite the correct organisations to implement positive change. Public organisations have the mandate to deliver essential services but are often unable to do so because of a myriad of reasons, while private companies have the means, but often don’t know how they can help to make essential service delivery happen. Except for manufacturing and operating our specialised vehicles, we use our network to establish public-private partnerships, in order to bridge the gap between these institutions. We bring the right people together to enable service delivery of mobile healthcare solutions in locations that historically have not had access to these.

At ground level, our customised, bespoke vehicles can deliver a wide range of mobile health services, depending on the need. Our patient-centric approach means we reduce the time patients in remote communities have to wait to receive medical services and medication. For example, we have cut the time between HIV test, diagnosis and treatment initiation to less than two hours – down from six weeks traditionally. It is simple mobile healthcare solutions like these that have the potential to make a massive difference in the lives of those who we serve.

Our collaborative business model effects maximum impact at minimum cost while having a positive impact in communities who have been historically overlooked. We aim to improve the lives of people who use our services significantly, at a cost-effective rate.


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