Treatments available on Mobile Health Clinics


Who we are

Mobile Health Clinics (MHC) is a social enterprise committed to bringing quality healthcare to remote communities through state-of-the-art customised mobile health and wellness clinics and laboratories.

As a subsidiary of Mobile Specialised Technologies (MST), we are led by our inspirational CEO, Fernando Acafrao, and have developed an innovative and cost-effective service model that delivers sustainable solutions to emerging societies and impoverished communities using customised, high-tech vehicles.


Why we do what we do

Our passion is to deliver essential health services and solutions to neglected communities who desperately need them in a cost effective and sustainable manner through high-tech mobile health clinics on board customised vehicles.

Africa is a continent with unique challenges when it comes to healthcare. Many communities live miles from any brick-and-mortar healthcare facilities and the care in these facilities are often limited because of their remote location. Mobile health clinics are the only real solution to deliver quality healthcare to these parts of the population.

Our commitment to bring quality healthcare to those communities who need it most ā€“ remote, rural communities, and neglected, overpopulated and often-overlooked townships on the outskirts of many South African towns and cities ā€“ has led us to develop high-tech mobile health clinics that can deliver a range of health services, including mobile HIV testing and treatment, mobile mammography, mobile circumcision, and mobile maternity clinics.

Our mobile HIV testing centres are helping to treat a well-documented problem in Africa and have the potential to contribute to the eradicating of HIV by 2030, as laid out in the World Health Organisationā€™s fast track strategy. Mobile maternity clinics address the problem of maternal mortality in Africa and mobile circumcision clinics form part of the fight against HIV as it not only performs circumcisions but also educates about the prevention of HIV.