Measuring the Mobile Health Clinics Impact is imperative to our model


Transparent, measurable and accountable


Whether you are an NGO, CSI department looking for charitable endeavours, or a private company wanting to reach new markets, we pride ourselves on offering an unbeatable return on investment. Our vehicles’ onboard software has been developed in-house and provides real-time updates on where the mobile clinic is parked and its progress on the day. When managed by MHC, an investor can log onto our software at any time, and see the whereabout of his/her mobile clinic. This includes where the mobile clinic is active, how many people have been tested and/or treated since the project has launched and what the impact has been.

Tracking the impact of our mobile health solutions is imperative and we have gone to great measures to be able to accurately determine the impact we’re having in order to give this feedback to our investors.

Our measurability is an important part of the value of the Mobile Health Clinics product, not only for investors but to measure our own impact. For example, our mobile HIV solution was launched in August 2016 and has overcome our greatest expectations, with more people tested on average than at brick and mortar clinics. Significantly, more men have been tested than anticipated and it has become evident that mobile clinics are a sustainable solution to provide testing anonymously in communities where stigma is still linked to the illness.

The potential of our mobile HIV solution is massive because it takes the time between an HIV test and initiation of ARV treatment down to two hours, as opposed to the up to six weeks it can take in the areas where we operate. The success we have achieved at this early stage of the project is heartening and we are actively working on growing this project to test and treat more people in our mission to eradicate HIV by 2030.