Mobilising healthcare for all.

Mobile Health Clinics is a social business that focuses on delivering quality healthcare services to under-served communities. We customise our solutions with our clients and support them through operations – ensuring sustainable, cost-effective mobile healthcare initiatives.

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We’re so much more than a manufacturer.
We understand mobility.

Mobile Health Clinics is solution driven, meaning we don’t just want to get our vehicles on the road – our mission is to ensure they’re making a real difference to the individuals and communities they reach.

Mobile Clinics

With depots across South Africa, Mobile Health Clinics designs, builds and maintains our large-scale mobile clinics in-house.


Each of our solutions has a dedicated project management team. On-board medical staff can be employed and managed on your behalf.


In-house technology tools facilitate collaboration and keep you in the know with unique insights into your mobile healthcare solution.

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With our existing solutions, Mobile Health Clinics and its partners have delivered services to nearly 250,000 individuals in South Africa.


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